Course on AI – Project Nov ’11

For my project for the month of November, I decided to go a little theoretical :) I signed up for this course on the Introduction to Artificial Intelligence. I have always been amazed by probability and how intelligent systems get to efficient solutions, and this course gave me a good chance to get back to something that excited me a lot back in college.

Conducted in association with Stanford Engineering, the AI Class was presided over by Sebastian Thrun & Peter Norvig, both geniuses in the world of AI. The two month course was one of the path breaking online courses that were aimed at redefining online education.

Having completed the course I can safely say it was one of the finest courses that I have ever attended and the way it was organized kept me both on the edge with anticipation and fun.

Result wise I did a far better job than I originally thought I would but the true success for me was rediscovering that I still had it in me to sit down and learn something that was non trivial and truly interested me.

Cheers to the AI Class team :)

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