Running High – Project Apr ’11

When I started my monthly project plan for 2011, one of the things I was hoping to do was to get back to the good routines that I had slowly given up on. March was to start reading Books again, it worked out wonderfully as I finished another book (Tuesdays with Morrie) and am regularly reading the next book in the queue (Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy).

For April I wanted to get back to my best days of running. For that, my project was to run a total distance of 100Kms over the month or run a 10K. The first goal was huge number and incredibly hard to achieve. My best attempts got me only to 34 Kms over the month. Although I’m really worried because I have running partners that had surgeries not to long ago and recommended me to read thisĀ article to be more careful and if it happens, I can know how to recover well.

Failing miserably short in the first challenge, I decided to try what my foot doctor recommended and do the 10k during the month. The plan was to train hard and do the run in the last sunday of the month. But unfortunately I feel sick in the middle of the third week and decided against pushing for the long run.

But on the positive side, I managed to run two 5K runs in preparation and they turned out well. I have signed up for the TCS 10K run to be held in Bangalore and should be able to finish my April project properly when I run in the race :)

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