Booked – Project Mar’ 11

BooksMy project for March 2011 involved completing a task that took me the whole of 2010 and 2009. Unfortunately the task wasn’t something extraordinary, it just involved me reading a book ;)

One of my biggest regrets of 2009 and 2010 was that I had totally lost the habit of reading books. I continue to pick up books but I hardly get around to finishing them. In 2010 the only book I read was “The Guide”. So for Mar 2011 my task was simple and clear, “Finish reading any one book from my collection.”

I picked up the book “The Way of the Weasel” by Scott Adams, for the task. I had read a few chapters already but with the scheme of things I would have probably finished reading the book in 2020. Besides that, the book was also a gift that I had received a couple of years ago(one of the first in a series of books as gifts) and I have had it at arm’s length since then coz I just cant resist Scott Adams’ writing.

Half way thru the month I was going great time. I was doing so well in fact that I planned to raise the bar and read two books in the month. The second choice was “Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom. This was another book I had wanted to read for a long time and thought that the idea of a challenge would spur me onto reading it. But as things would have it I was traveling a lot towards the end of march(more on that soon) and couldn’t read more than a couple of chapters of the book.

In the end the project was pretty simple to complete but the important bit is that I probably wouldn’t have done it if it wasn’t a project.

So to push me into this habit I plan to read 5 more books in the remaining 9 months of the year. I will start with “Tuesdays with Morrie” and move on to other books I have been waiting to read. I shall be posting my progress in this blog as the year goes by :)

Ps: To make up for the semi lame project for March, my April project is going to be spectacularly ambitious. How ambitious? Well frankly I think the probability of me completing it is very slim. Will give more details about Project April over the next couple of days :)

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