Kinaare (Queen) – Lyrics Translation

QueenKinaare is my favorite song from Queen. Written by Anvita Dutt it beautifully captures the state of mind of the protagonist in the movie.

The song embodies the theme of the movie, independence and self identity; It compares its quest to the search of Shores for someone who is drowning mid sea. It crescendos perfectly in the 5th para, akin to enlightenment, with the realization that “Khud hi To hain hum… Kinaare (We ourselves are our, Shores)”.

There is obviously different ways to interpret the words of the song, here is my honest attempt:

Lyrics: Anvita Dutt
Movie: Queen
Singer: Mohan Kanan
Music: Amit Trivedi

Dhoondhe har ik saans mein,
Dubkiyon ke Baad mein,
Har Bhanwar ke Paas. Kinare..
{adinserter 2}
Searching with every gasp of air,
After each plunge,
after having a dip (in water),
Near every storm… Shores

Beh rahe jo saath mein,
Jo humare khaas thhe,
Kar gaye apni baat, Kinare..

Those flowing with us,
The ones that were special,
They had their last words… Shores

Gar maajhi saare saath mein gair ho bhi jaayein,
To khud hi to patwaar Ban
Paar honge hum

Even if all the boatmen leave us,
Then, we will become oars ourselves,
and cross (the ocean) on our own..

Jo Chhoti si har ik neher… Saagar ban bhi jaaye,
Koi Tinka Le ke haath mein
Dhoondh Lenge hum
Kinaare. kinaare. kinaare.

Even if every small waterway… turns into a sea,
Then grasping a Twig in out hands,
We will find…
Shores… Shores… Shores.

Khud hi To hain hum… Kinaare.
Kaise honge kam… Kinaare
Hain jahaan hain hum… Kinare.
Khud hi To hain hum…
Khud hi To hain hum…

We ourselves are… Shores
How will we deplete… Shores.
We ourselves are… (Shores)
We ourselves are… (Shores)

Auron se kya, khud hi se
Poochh lenge raahein
Yahin kahin maujon mein hi
Dhoondh Lenge hum

Why others, we’ll ask ourselves,
The paths to follow,
Somewhere here in the waves,
We will find… (Shores)

Boondon se hi to hain bani,
Baandh lenge leherein.
Pairon taale jo bhi mile,
Maan Lenge hum… Kinaare.

They are made of drops itself.
We will tie the waves..
Whatever comes by our feet,
we will take that to be… Shores.