Yoga – Project Oct ’11

For the past three years I have been wanting to learn Yoga. I tried it on and off by instructions from TV and DVDs but I always felt that I wasn’t doing it right.

One of the biggest hurdles along my path was that I could not commit to giving it an hour in the morning as my previous job required me to leave home early. My evening were almost always booked with plays, movies, hanging out with friends and theater work. The inability to commit one hour a day for say two months was very frustrating.

But two months ago I made the leap and switched jobs. With the switch came the advantage of working from very close to my house and starting work a much later than my previous time. I pounced at the first opportunity and signed up for Yoga classes (within 15 days of the job switch actually).

Frankly the experience has been amazing. I was amazed at the things that people around me could do and that I just couldnt do at all and times that the roles switched. The early morning classes gave me a feel for waking up early(not much fun in winter). But the biggest benefit was the sense of purpose. By 7am I would feel that I had done a decent effort in my day and everything I did there after felt like a bonus for the day. A feeling that is simply awesome.

Yoga fitted well with my projects for 2011 and hopefully I will continue working on it for a long time to come :)

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