My first english movie in the theater was “Terminator 2: Judgment Day”. I remember going all excited to watch the movie with my friends and ironically nothing after the first scene.

The opening scene of the movie shows a futuristic war zone littered with human bones. The scene pans to show a human skull among hundreds others on what seems like a destroyed play ground. The foot of a metallic android smashes the skull into bits.
The sound of the crushing skull left me shocked and speechless.

Frankly thats all I remembered from the movie. The awesomeness of that scene(Hats off to you Mr. Cameron) gave me nightmares for like a week(In my defense, I was like 10 at the time).

This week, I watched Terminator Genesis in the theaters. We can always complain about how mediocre sequels dilute the beauty of the originals but it felt nice to watch Arnie on the big screen(IMAX even). The movie wasn’t exactly brilliant but it was still better than most movies in the series(that isn’t saying much I know). But hey it reminded me of a beautiful time, and thats always good :)

(Day 3 of The Beautiful Project)