My nephew recently celebrated his 4th birthday. One of the gifts he received was a lovely Lego set. He was really excited about it and was playing with the set all day. Later that evening he came to me and asked me to build him something on his set. Apparently my Niece was much better at building with Lego than him and he was upset his models kept falling apart. He wanted me to build him something that he could play with.

As I sat down working on the blocks and getting things together, I realized something that I had never really put much thought to till that moment. I had never really played with Lego blocks… Ever! Even if I ever did, I could not for the life of me, remember it.

The thought put me in a sort of limbo, I wasn’t sure if I was happy or sad… But yeah, I did make one mean Lego airplane (It would never take off, not with those lousy aerodynamics. But don’t tell my nephew that :P )

(Day 2 of The Beautiful Project)