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Love Aaj Kal

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Written by Irshad Kamil for the movie Love Aaj Kal, Yeh Dooriyan talks about distances between people and the desire to overcome them. The song beautifully articulates the ambiguity that distances adds to relationships and how it sometimes adds to the attraction.

The Lines: “Aa Raha Paas Ya Door Mein Jaa Raha… Janun Na Mein Hoon Kahan Pe” talks about how sometimes when you are away from someone you like your feelings to them end up becoming stronger despite hoping otherwise.

The song also forms an integral part of the movie and is a wonderful addition to the soundtrack.

Lyrics: Irshad Kamil

Movie: Love Aaj Kal

Music: Pritam

Vocals: Mohit Chauhan

Yeh dooriyan
In Raahon Ki Dooriyan
Nigahon Ki Dooriyan
Humrahon Ki Dooriyan
Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan

These distances
The distances between our paths
Distances between our eyes
Distances between companions
May all the distances, vanish

Kyun Koi Paas Hai, Door Hai
Kyun Koi Jaane Na Koi Yahan Pe

Why is someone close, someone far
Why, Nobody knows here

Aa Raha Paas Ya Door Mein Jaa Raha
Janun Na Mein Hoon Kahan Pe

Am I moving closer or further away
I don’t know where I am

Kabhi Hua Yeh Bhi
Khali Rahon Pe Bhi
Tu Tha Mere Saath
Kabhi Tujhe Milke
Lauta Mera Dil Yeh
Khali Khali Haath

There was a time
In the empty streets
You were with me;
Sometimes after meeting you
My heart returned
Still not content

Yeh Bhi Hua Kabhi,
Jaise Hua Abhi
Tujhko Sabhi Mein Paa Liya

Sometimes this too happened,
Like it happened just now
That I saw you in everyone

Tera Mujhe, Kar Jaati Hai Dooriyan
Satati Hain Dooriyan
Tarsati Hain Dooriyan
Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan

These distances makes me closer to you
These distances torture me
These distances make me long for you
May all the distances, vanish

Kaha Bhi Na Maine
Nahi Jeena Maine,
Tu Jo Na Mila
Tujhe Bhule Se Bhi,
Bola Na Mein Yeh Bhi
Chahun Fasla

I never told you
I don’t want to live
Without being with you
Even unknowingly,
I never told you,
I wanted any distance between us

Bas Fasla Rahein
Banke Kasak Jo Kahen
Ho Aur Chahat Yeh Jawan
Teri Meri Mit Jaani Hai Dooriyan
Begani Hai Dooriyan
Hat Jani Hai Dooriyan
Fanah Ho Sabhi Dooriyan

Now only the distance remains
It becomes a discomfort and tells me
May our Love turn young again
Let the distances between us disappear
The distances that feels strange
Let distances that should move away
May all the distances, vanish


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