Remembering 2017…

Happy New Year Everyone…

I know this post is a couple of days late, but that is kinda how 2017 was for me.  The shortest review I can give for the past year: “I did far more wrong things than right in the year.”

2017 was in many ways the toughest year I have had in a long time.  There was a lot of hard work and ‘sowing’ of seeds done in the year that I am hopeful that it will all pay off in ’18 and the years that follow.

Here is my short list of things I did in 2017:

  • I read 18 books in the year. This was a big positive of the year.  I got extremely comfortable listening to Audio Books and that helped in a big way with this goal.  Am planning on reading 20 books in 2018, it looks tough but I have successfully completed 4 reading challenges in a row, so am positive.
  • Did about 8 short/long trips in the year.  Highlight was Hong Kong/Macau & in it Disneyland and Nong Ping :)  Fortunately my better half is a bigger travel buff than me and I should be able to top that count this year.
  • Invested a little in the BitCoin craze… Jumped in late but still got in early enough to have my investments pretty safe :) Am hoping to try this out more in 2018 maybe with some Alt Coins too.
  • 0 plays this year :(  The biggest let down of the year.  I wrote hardly anything this year and this was one of the biggest negatives of the year.  Hope to get back to writing (theater, blog, the works…) this year.
  • Physical fitness wise… 2017 was pretty good.  I joined Trihaedron, a fitness class near home (special thanks to the Mrs for making me do it).  The class has been amazing to say the least.  I can actually do the Shirshasana without any support now. Not to mention that I do a regular dance workout too :)

Biggest regret was that, time flew by faster in 2017 as I was too busy to smell the flowers.  I took far more responsibilities than I need to take and consequently fell short of achieving my goals.  For 2018 I hope to get back on track with my metal and spiritual life.  I compromised too much of the things I loved in 2017 and hope to get back that balance in 2018.

PS: Am doing the Project 365 in 2018 :) You can follow me on my instagram account for the daily photos :)