2015_Kannada_film_Rangitaranga_posterWatched RangiTaranga recently and was pleasantly surprised by the movie. The movie is partly a tribute to “Guddada Bootha” a Kannada tv show that had viewers glued to their tv sets in the early 90s.

RangaTaranga ticks off all the boxes of an engaging thriller as it keeps the viewer guessing right through. One of its rear qualities in its writing, is the always in flux endgame. As more information is presented to the viewer, the grandeur of the plot unravels and the mystery gets deeper.

The movie inst perfect as it errs multiple times with regard to physics, continuity and plain logic at times. But the tightness of the storytelling is good enough to brush them off and enjoy the film.

All in all, if you love a good thriller, RangiTaranga is a must watch.

(Day 13 of The Beautiful Project)