Burning Dew…

Cant get these two lines out of my head for the past two days…

lamha lamha doori yun pighalti hai
jaane kis aag mein yeh shabnam jalti hai

Im not great in Hindi to English translation but Roughly translated the above means:
Every moment melts the distances between us,
In which fire does this dew burn…

(If this is inaccurate please feel free to correct me :) )

Those are the first veses of the song “Lamha Lamha” from the movie Gangster. That second line is just too beautiful and the song carries the magic right thru.

If you like that song you got to hear “Tu hi meri Shab” form the same album. Again brilliant lyrics particularly:

tu waqt mere liye main hoon tera lamha
kaise rahega bhala hoke tu mujhse judaa

Roughly Translated:
You are my time, I am but your moment,
How can you distance yourself from me…

(Again you can correct me if the above is not satisfactory :P )

PS: The true beauty of Urdu and Hindi songs can never be got by translating them to English… thats why I love them.