Being Heard…

A few days back I was on air in radio thanks to friend who is an RJ. It was actually a pretty cool experience. Thinking back later I realized that at that time more people had heard my voice simultaneously than ever before in my life.

To my best recollection, my previous best was about 350 people. That happened while I acted/addressed a play audience.

That got me thinking, which was the occasion where I reached out to more people than that. Some of my blog entries have been viewed about 50,000 times since I wrote them.

Back in school I wrote a couple of poems for the Times Of India. Considering the type of content I think they might have reached a larger audience but might have been actually read by fewer people.

I guess on the top of the list has to be the photographs I took for a bunch of plays and a fashion show. Those were published in multiple newspapers… They probably reached atleast over a lakh people during its lifetime.