Mom is a new sitcom created by Chuck Lorre(also created Big Bang Theory/Two & Half Men) and starring Anna Faris as a single mom who is trying to get her life straight after years of alcohol and drug abuse.

I know the premis sounds pretty glum right? Thats what I thought too… But this show is one hellva a firecracker. Actually it might just be the best new show on television right now!

There are good shows that appear all the time and fade away, what makes this show special(atleast to me) is the reason it exists. Chuck Lorre explains it in his vanity card about the show. He says in it:

… Mom is more than just another sitcom. It represents our sincere attempt to dramatize, with humor, and within the limits of network TV, some very serious issues. Whether we’ve succeeded or failed may be open to debate, but there can be no question as to whether we gave it our all. …

To which here is my response…

Dear Chuck & the writers of Mom,

Thank you for your sincere and honest efforts in creating a show like Mom. I love the show and salute your efforts…

PS: In episode 15, when Christy tells her dad “I want you to buy me ice cream”, I cried a little… Thank you for that scene, it was just beautiful.

-A Sitcom Lover