Meherbaan (Bang Bang!) – Lyrics Translation

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Meherbaan is one of those songs that you can listen all day on a loop. Written by Anvita Dutt Guptan who has previously written some amazing songs in Queen and Dostana, Meherbaan has lovely pace intermittent with some really beautiful lines. If you havent listened to it yet, give it a shot(video at the end of the post). Here is the english translation of the lyrics of Meherbaan:

Movie: Bang Bang!
Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan
Music: Vishal-Shekhar
Singers: Ash King, Shilpa Rao, Shekhar Ravjiani
Featuring: Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif

Dil Ki Maangein Thodi Thi Kam,
Har Dua Bhi Thodi Maddham

The demands of the heart(for my lover) were a little less (compared to you),
Every prayer was for a little less (than what I got)

{adinserter 2}

Tune Kaandhe Pe Sar Jhukaya Jab,
Jaise Dargaah Pe Baandhe Dhaage Tab…
Bina Maange Hi Mil Gaya Hai Sab,
Meherbaan Hua Hua (x2)
Meherbaan Hua, Meherbaan Hua Rab

When you leaned your head onto (my) shoulder,
It was like I had tied some holy threads (made a wish) at a shrine
Without asking, I’ve received everything,
Gracious, He’s been,
God has been very gracious (to me)..

Dua Rang Rangiya Yun, Malang Laal Laal Rang,
Rooh Ki Patang Baandhi Tere Sang,
Tab Hi Toh Laga, Meherbaan Hua Rab,
O Din Ye Sehre Sa Saja, Meherbaan Hua Rab…

My wishes were coloured; Wild red in colour,
The kite of my soul got entangled to You
That’s when I felt, God has been very gracious
The day is decorated like a wedding Head-dress, God has been very gracious

Haathon Ko Tere Apne Haathon Mein Le Leti Hoon,
Ki Takdeerein Apni Saari Padh Loon,
Aankhon Mein Tere Chhupte Armaan Main Dhoondhtaa Hoon,
Bas Tu Soche, Aur Poore Main Kar Doon

I take your hands in my own hands,
So that I can read my destiny.
In your eyes, I search for secret wishes,
So you just think of them and I will make them come true.

Abhi Abhi To Hum Adhoore Thhe,
Poore Ho Gaye Tere Roobaroo
Ye Bhi Dikhe Na,
Kahaan Main Khatam, Kahaan Tu Shuru…
Aankhein Teri Girti Hain Jab
Ab To Neendein Aati Hain Tab…

Just now, I was incomplete,
Now I am complete, being in front of You
I can’t even see,
Where I end and where you begin…
When your eyes drop (to sleep)
Only then I am able to sleep…

Hum Ko Lagta Hai Kuch Dinon Se Ab,
Tu Ibaadat Hai, Tu Hi Hai Mazhab
Bewajah Kaise, Kyun, Kahaan Aur Kab
Meherbaan Hua Hua (x2)
Meherbaan Hua, Meherbaan Hua Rab

I feel like this, for a few days now,
You are faith, and you are my religion.
Without a reason, how, why when and where
Gracious, He’s been,
God has been very gracious (to me)..

Rab Ne Banaaya Sabko,
Par Kaun Bataaye Rab Ko,
Mar Ke Tum Pe, Hum Saans Lete Hain
Rab Se Karun Jo Duaaein,
Ab Ye Tujhi Tak Jaayein,
Tu Jo Sun Le Toh Sunta Ye Rab Hai…

God has created everyone,
But who should tell God,
Falling (in love) with You, I started breathing
The prayers, I make to God
All reach you now,
If You hear them, then God hears them too

Jaane Na Jahaan, Jaane Hai Kahaan
Mili Thi Meri, Teri Haan Me Haan
Sach Hai Yahi, Tujh Sa Kahin, Nahin Hai Nahin
Meri Raahein, Aayein Tujh Tak,
Iss Janam Se, Har Janam Tak,
Waqt Ko Rokein Aa Zara Sa Ab
Usko Samjha Dein Ishq Ka Matlab
Chhod Ke Zidd Ye Maan Lega Ab

The world doesn’t know, where it happened,
When we both agreed (and got together)
It’s true, that there’s no one like you (in this world)
(All) My roads, reach to you now,
In this life, and in every life,
Let’s stop time for a bit now,
Let’s teach it, the meaning of love
It will stop being stubborn and surely will agree…

Meherbaan hua hua (x2)
Meherbaan hua, Meherbaan hua rab

Gracious, He’s been,
God has been very gracious (to me)..