Hello, Is there anybody in there?

I think I have lost the ability of surprising people.

There was a time when I would watch gleefully how wide eyed people around me would get. Even people who had known me for years would have that occasional “hmmm interesting” moment from time to time. But off late I seem to have become incredibly predictable.  People pick up on my responses and reply “I knew you were going to say that”, I just smile back in response.

More than a couple of my friends that came to watch my play over the last few months told me that half way through my play they knew that this had to be written by me.  Fortunately they didnt predict the ending, so something is still going for me :)

I guess the novelty that was my style of writing and talking has slowly faded off for those who have known me for years. But whenever I meet someone new, I see that spark in the eyes once again and I cuddle back into the idea that I haven’t really changed that much over time.

In all this the true realization that has dawned on me is that its extremely important to meet and understand new people. Its easy and comfortable to lean back into your own world and watch the other people as if there is a glass wall in between. The real courage is to step out of your world and into alien territory, meet new people and open yourself to new ideas and thoughts.

Whenever I have thrown caution to the winds and taken that chance; I have been rewarded with new friends and ideas, but more importantly an understanding of who I have become…