I Remember That Night…

I remember that night,
That night, when I last saw you.
You, with your eyes flooded with tears;
Tears, that told your story,
Story of the loss;
The loss of a loved one,
One, that I had once wished was me;

Me, with my thoughts about you,
You, and your beautiful Eyes;
Eyes, that had made me fall in love,
Love, only a word to me… till we met;
Met, spoke and laughed together,
Together in summer,
Summer to winter;
Winter, that changed my life;
My life, my love;
my love was in love with another;

Another, but not unknown;
Unknown, I was to the workings of the world;
World that left me hurt;
Hurt, deeply hurt, when I heard the news;
The news of the accident,
The accident that took him away,
Away from you and your dreams.

Dreams and thoughts that echoed,
Echoed with me and my feelings for you.
Feelings for you that never faded,
Never faded like your love for him,
Him, whom I envied;
Envied, yet smiled;
Smiled at the thought of you being together;
Together like I had hoped us to be.

Be still, I tell my heart,
My heart that cries,
Cries seeing those tears in your eyes.
Your eyes, your heart,
Your heart, to him it belonged.

Belonged, like your thoughts,
Your thoughts, your mind;
Your mind, your soul,
Your soul, separated from him, yet one,
One… so beautiful,
So beautiful that I bow,
I bow down to your love,
Your love for him, forever will I remember…

(I remember that night
That night, when I last saw you…)