Two Journeys

I think it was Buddha that said that every human being must complete two journeys to have led a fulfilling life. The two journeys that he spoke about are the outer journey and the inner journey.

The outer journey is the journey of discovering the universe around us. It encompasses the learning of the ways of life, understanding relations, social skills, ect. Your lessons in the outer journey in life will teach you what must be done to be accepted by those around you. Every human being has to go through this journey if they have to survive in the world.

The inner journey is the discovery of the self. This journey leads one to understand their strengths and weakness, it forces one to examine each of their thoughts and actions. It encompasses understanding who you are in relation to your family, your peers, your countrymen and your universe. Along its path you will have to remove every mask that you had put on during your outer journey and accept who you truly are.

For some the outer journey is second nature and complete it as swiftly and as perfectly as they can, yet they struggle to even take the basic steps in the inner journey. For some the inner journey is the path of choice, they feel at ease renouncing the world around them and living in their own terms.

In the end all that will matter is how far you went on each journey…