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New York (film)

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Tune Jo Na Kaha was one of my most listened songs of 2009. The song beautifully sung by Mohit Chauhan talks about building dreams and watching it crumble.

Written by Sandeep Shrivastava for the movie New York, this song has some really hard hitting lines balanced out with some really soft emotions. There are beautiful lines that talk about ‘silence in the eyes’ and others about ‘quivering lips’ that are wonderfully placed.

Then there is a para about meeting your lost love again. The line ‘Aankho mein chubhta kal ka duaa‘ talks in duality about the unexpected tears in his eyes and discomfort of having those tears, beautiful! Then there are the lines “Haal tera na hum sa hai… Iss khushi mein kyun gham sa hai“, which is my favorite of the song. It talks about how she has been unaffected by their separation and while he is happy that she was spared the suffering, the thought only adds to his suffering.

This is my go to song in long journeys, gives me a lot of things to think about. I usually end up wondering what the writer was going through to have written these lines and then think about the context in the movie and I empathize with the character on whom the song is based.

Lyrics: Sandeep Shrivastava
Album: New York
Music: Pritam
Vocals: Mohit Chauhan

Tune jo na kaha mein woh sunta raha
Khamakha bewaja khwaab buntha raha

What you never said, I kept hearing it
Without reason I kept weaving dreams.

Jaane kiski humein lag gayi hai nazar
Iss shehar mein na apna tikana raha
Durr chaahat se mein apni chalta raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha

Don’t know whose evil eye was cast upon me
In this city I have no shelter left
I kept on walking away from my love
Without reason I kept weaving dreams

Dard pehle se hai zyaada
Khud se phir yeh kiya wada
Khamosh nazrein rahe bezubaan

Now the pain exceeds what was there
So I promised myself
That the silent eyes, should remain dumb

Abb na pehale si baatein hai
Bolo tho laab thar tharatein hai
Raaz yeh dil ka, na ho bayaan
Ho gaya ke aasar koi hum pe nahin
Hum safar mein toh hai, humsafar hai nahin

Now the conversations are not like before
Now when I speak, my lips quiver
I am not able to say the secret in my heart
I behave as though no effect has been done to me
I am in a journey, but there is no partner

Durr jaata raha, paas aata raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab buntha raha

I kept on going away and coming close
Without reason I kept weaving dreams

Aaya woh phir nazar aise,
Baat chidne lagi phir se
Aankho mein chubhta kal ka duaa
Haal tera na hum sa hai
Iss khushi mein kyun gham sa hai
Basane laga kuyn phir woh jahan

She appeared in such way again
That the same thing happening yet again
The smoke of yesterday is piercing my eyes
Your feelings are not like mine
But why in this happiness, is a sorrow
Why am I rebuilding those dreams

Woh jahan dur jis-se gaye the nikhal
Phir se aankon me kar thi hai jaise pehal
Lamha beeta huwa, dil dukhata raha
Khamaka bewaja khwaab bunata raha

The world which I left behind
Seems to reappear in front of my eyes
The time gone by, keep hurting my heart
Without reason I kept weaving the dreams


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