Flying Warriors


In my recent trip to Munnar I had the pleasure of watching a performance of Kalarippayattu, an ancient martial artform. The performers left us awestruck with their skill and agility.

The performers were from the Punarjani Traditional Village Below are a few photos from the performance:

Initial Prayer

They start off with a prayer to give their respects to their teachers and the gods.

Clashing Swords

Then it was a bit of their sword fighting skills.


They used different weapons and fighting techniques, eachone more impressive than the previous.

Thru Fire

Then they decided to jump thru fire loops! Finally we got to photograph the artists.

DSC_3297 DSC_3301

It was in all a memorable performance in the end. If you are ever vacationing in Kerala do take out time to watch a performance of Kalari, I can guarantee you that you wont be disappointed :)

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