Top 5 Things I Learnt This Week

Bhimsen Joshi
Cover of Bhimsen Joshi

This weeks edition has everything from Sense organs to IP addresses to Legends of music and theater…

  • Humans have more than five senses. Although definitions vary, the actual number ranges from 9 to more than 20. In addition to sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing, which were the senses identified by Aristotle, humans can sense balance and acceleration ( equilibrioception), pain ( nociception), body and limb position ( proprioceptionor kinesthetic sense), and relative temperature ( thermoception). [117 ] Other senses sometimes identified are the sense of time, itching, pressure, hunger, thirst, fullness of the stomach, need to urinate, need to defecate, and blood carbon dioxidelevels.
  • On February 2nd around 4 a.m., the Internet will run out of its current version of IP addresses. – Details
  • In a biological respect, a tortoise is a kind of a turtle, but not all turtles are tortoises. – A friend’s recent post about a turtle walk made me readup the basics of reptiles -  Difference between Turtles and tortises
  • T.P. Kailasam, the famous kannada playwright was sponsered by the  Maharajaof Mysore to do his higher studies in geologyat London.  He was enchanted with life in the United Kingdom and took the time to repeat several classes, one at a time, in order to have an excuse to extend his stay there. – A friend is a huge TP Kailasam fan and keeps narrating his life’s stories to me :) Made me a fan of him too
  • In 1933, the 11-year-old Bhimsen Joshi left Dharwad for Bijapur to find a master and learn music. With the help of money lent by his co-passengers in the train Bhimsen reached Dharwar first and later went to Pune. Later he moved to Gwalior and got into Madhava Music School, a school run by Maharajas of Gwalior, with the help of famous sarod player Hafiz Ali Khan. He traveled for three years around North India, including in Delhi, Kolkata, Gwalior, Lucknow and Rampur, trying to find a good guru.[6] Eventually, his father succeeded in tracking him down in Jalandar and brought young Bhimsen back home. – The legend passed away this week