Beauty from Afar…

Beauty from Afar..

“Love so pure, that when you feel a breeze go past you, you know that somewhere in the world this breeze might touch her too and that connection is all you will require to live your life. That when it starts raining you look up at the drops and feel her getting drenched and it makes you smile. That when you look at the night sky and see the stars, the moon and the planets looking back at you… and are jealous that they get to see her much longer that you will ever get…”
– An excerpt from my short story – The Sculptor’s Statue

One of favorite muses that I have waited for years to photograph is the moon. It was under unusual circumstances that this photograph was shot but the beauty of the shot clearly out trump the situation.

PS: Beauty from Afar is a song by the group “Nuttin’ But Stringz” from their album “Struggle from the Subway to the Charts“. They are a mix of western classical violin and hip hop!