Strangeness Of Reality – Play Review…

Strangeness of RealityIn a time when entertainment is overrun by multiplexes and commercial cinema its very easy for an art-form such as theater to slowly get forgotten. At a time when most theater performances are centered around tried and tested formulas and acclaimed authors, “Strangeness of Reality” performed by Theatrix provided not just a fresh breath but an all new experience of the stage.

Written by Débutant, Amit Ranjan Sahu and the first major production by the Democratic Actor’s Association of Misfit Theater, Strangeness of Reality is a peep into the mind of a celebrated actor; A look at his perfect life until one day when it all comes tumbling down around him. His search for understanding and trust from his wife, his friend, his brother and himself. Falling in the genre of a psychological thriller, SOR keeps pushing the line between imagination and reality.

Packaged on a stage that seemed like a beautiful painting and reverberating to the beat of the Tabla, the scenes from the tragic life of a famous star came to life. With seamless switching between the scenes and flawless parallelism of points of view; SOR holds you to the edge of your seat until the mind numbing climax.

Playing the lead, Amit is simply immaculate as Aman. It was quite inspiring to watch him stand up to the demands of a character that showed anger, happiness, romance, regret, helplessness and rejuvenation all within an hour long performance.

There were some spectacular moments in the play that simply got the emotion in you stirred up. The end of the monologue by Praveen Kumar, the tipping point of the climax by Akshay Prabhu, Rency Philip’s transformation from a romantic and lively wife to a woman totally in check of her emotions and the multifaceted performances of Karan Tilak Kumar and Ankur Agarwal totally left you speechless.

In the end it was the experience of something new that stood on it own and made the audience feel special. It is extremely encouraging to see young writers and actors take the reins of the art and comeout with such flying colors. Hopefully this is the beginning of more such wonderful and original plays in the near future.