2009 – First line from the first post of each month…

I really liked this meme from 2008 so, here we go again :)

Post the first line from the first post of each month in 2009…
Here we go:

Jan: You will never climb the mountain if you keep looking only at its peak. (2008… 2009)

Feb: Here is a short list of things I did in the last 12 days (for the first time in my life). Lets see if I can remember them all :P (Last 12 Days…)

Mar: A lot of people warned me about watching Delhi 6, the reviews weren’t entirely flattering and a lot of my friends simply refused to watch the movie. (Delhi 6 – Movie Review)

Apr: Me: I wanted to ask this question to you… (Conversations With Her – Stories of Love…)

May: My last weekend’s trip to Kannur in Kerala was one of my most awaited trips. (Finding Perspective…)

June: Last Sunday I participated in my first 10K run, the Sunfeast World 10K run. (The Run…)

July: It has been over four years since I started blogging and what started as a simple way to hone my writing skill and reach out to more people easily, has become a part of my life. (Thank You…)

Aug: Im Jack’s absolute lack of surprise… (Epiphany…)

Sep: What is a more accurate definition of a Good man? (Good & Evil)

Oct: Last evening I got the tragic news that my friend Mehmood had passed away a little while earlier. (Memories Of A Friend…)

Nov: A motion picture, or music, or television, they have to maintain a certain decorum in order to be broadcast to a vast audience. (Guts…)

Dec: Nigahon mein dehko (Na Jaane Kyun…)