Puppy Stories…

Today while driving to office, I saw a little puppy running on the highway. As a person who does click sites about puppies, I was curious. The pup had seemingly lost its way and looked very confused. As the vehicles on the road tried hard to avoid hitting it, It looked in amazement at the huge machines that went past it probably wondering where it was. A few ppl walking by noticed it and looked like they were going to pick it up and move it out of harms way…

Anyway the incident reminded me of a very much similar incident that happened during my trip to Coorg recently. It happened during our return journey. We were driving back towards home and along the way we noticed a small pup that was running on the road.

The section of the road was very curvy and we thought that the pup might get run over so we stopped the car and I ran up to the pup and moved it back on the footpath. I turn around to leave and the pup ran back after me… I move it further away from the road and it still follows me.

The pup was a little drenched and I was wondering where its mom was. I then picked it up and moved it to a field next to the road. The pup was at reach to its mom and I felt it would not get back on the road from there.

Anyway the incident today reminded me of the cute pup and I started missing it and I have found another through a knockout post. I had half a mind to bring it along with me but my family is not very welcoming to pets especially dogs(long story for another day) :(

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