Images from Thailand – Pattaya & Nongnooch Gardens


Our first stop in Thailand was the sea side city of Pattaya. The city on the East coast of Thailand is a huge tourist attraction thanks mostly to its beaches, water sports and nightlife. In our two days in the place we savored a little of each…

Most of the first day was spent at the beach and enjoying the water sports…

The Beach Skyline Taking Off The Dip Eclipsed by joy Flying High What? Other Boats

One of the highlights of the day was a submarine ride we enjoyed to the floor of the ocean…

The Sub Inside the Sub Sea Urchin Blow Fish Feeding The Fish

After that my cousin and I decided to take a nice walk at the bottom of the ocean.  So after getting fitted with equipment to help us breathe underwater we walked on the reef.  The experience of feeding the fish underwater was pretty awesome.  The rest of the day we spent  enjoying the sun in the beach.

Later in the evening we went to a special cabaret show called the Tiffany’s Show. I am a huge fan of musicals so needless to say I loved it.

The Tiffany show Brilliant Performances Very Colorful The Theater

The next day we headed to the Nongnooch Gardens known for its beautiful gardens and wild animals.

Nongnooch Garden & Resort img_9020 Art using Pots A Car made out of Pots Pretty Birds It just kept licking its foot Wild Stare

We then enjoyed a truly beautiful performance of That dance and tradition.  The performance included everything from dance to war reenactment.

Thai Dance img_9075 Thai Kickboxing img_9110 img_9117 img_9126 Pretty Thai Women img_9159 Elephants The Grand Finale

Then we watched the Elephant show that totally blew our mind away!

The Elephant Show Heavy Weight Acrobatics Aiming a Dart Cycling Basketball

We finally spent a little time enjoying the beauty of the gardens…

img_9264 Cacti img_9305 img_9310 On the Edge The beautiful gardens img_9355 img_9394 img_9431

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