Mamma Mia!

I happened to watch Mamma Mia! over the weekend… When I say ‘happened to’, I mean happened to :P

I was actually planning to go to a play performed by my friend and was catching up with Sidharth, Pramod and Anant at a coffee shop. About 10 min before I had planned to leave, a couple of girls at the coffee shop offered us tickets to the movie. The movie was starting about an hour later and I had just been informed that the tickets of the play was all sold out. So we decided to go watch the movie.

I am a sucker for musicals so I was pretty sure I would enjoy it. The movie was based around the songs of ABBA and were very well put in. I had only heard of “Mamma Mia” and “Dancing Queen” before watching the movie and found the songs were pretty good. I will be adding more ABBA songs to my playlist thanks to the movie.

Meryl Steep’s performance in the movie is nothing short of brilliant, I spent most of the movie simply admiring her acting. The other actors did their job very well and I never felt anything much lacking in the acting department. The singing was mostly good but I have to mention that the emotional song that Pierce Brosnan sings simply left me laughing… It was then when I remembered that this guy was James Bond, and that only fueled the laughter :P

All in all the movie is fun but ok. If you like light hearted musicals this is probably your kind of movie.