The Man With One Red Shoe – Movie Review

The Man With One Red Shoe The Man With One Red Shoe


I first watched The Man With One Red Shoe on television years ago when I first started watching Hollywood movies. All I remembered from the movie was the basic plot(which was brilliant) and that I did not stop laughing right thru the movie. I decided to watch it again and see if the movie was actually that much fun!

The story is of a man randomly picked and made a target of CIA surveillance. The paranoia that this seemingly odd individual is an undercover agent and tracking his every single move leads to some of the most rib tickling fun I have ever seen on screen. This comedy of errors, more errors, insanity and situational comedy just does not let up.

This was Tom Hanks’ third movie and he looks very young. A must watch for Tom Hanks’ fans just to see how odd he looked :P Acting wise no complaints, the characters are fun and well executed.

The winner in everything has to be the screenplay. The movie literally builds right thru and it keep on getting more and more fun.

If you love comedies you have got to watch this movie!