The Photographer – A Play

Location: Cosmopolitan city like Bangalore
Set/Props: (Act 1)A Table, 2 chairs, a bottle of whiskey, (Act 2) small table, 2 chairs, a ring case, a ring (Act 3) 1 chair
Costume: Simple evening dress for Tony and Sophie. A more mature look for Dr. Fields

Character Description
Tony Photographer
Dr. Fields Psychiatrist
Sophie Girl Friend of Tony

Act 1 – Place: Dr. Fields’ office, People: Tony and Dr. Fields

Tony (turning to Dr. Fields like in middle of a conversation): I think I am losing it
Dr. Fields(surprised): Losing what?
T: You know what I am talking about.
F: How do you know?
T(picks up a photo frame and looks at it): Its not so clear any more. Like it is leaving me (Looks at Dr. Fields)
F(gets up and takes the frame from his hand with a look of pity ness in his face) (pauses like mustering his courage and says): Stop doing this to your self.
(Tony looks back at his face with a look of ‘dont you believe me still’)
F(continues): You just look at these photos and you think you see something in them. You are alright nothing is wrong with you.
T(impatiently): I know nothing is wrong with me uncle. What hurts is that you still dont trust me.
F: This will never get cured if I keep agreeing with everything you say. (Tony looks away) Tony listen to me, I have known you from when you were a small kid. After your parents passed away I have treated you nothing less than my own child. I understand it takes a lot to tell someone the things you have told me.
(Changes tone to someone about to enter an argument) (walks to the side and picks up a bottle of Whiskey)
F: You havent told her yet, havent you?
T(looks at him for a second): Nothing for me… And no I have not told her yet.
F: And why is that?
T: I have tried telling her many times but… just cant get started.
F(takes a breadth): You love her dont you.
T(sits up): Am I that obvious? (feels his pocket.)
F(calmly): Tony, In my experience if someone is very scared to tell a loved one about something they are not embarrassed about its either that they feel guilty about it or they are certain that they are wrong somewhere. (pauses for Tony to register) You have an active imagination… period. Don’t worry once you let go thing will be much easier
T(raising his voice): Active Imagination! What do you expect me to do? Walk up to Sophie and say ‘Sophie, I have to tell you something. You see… I have this gift’ no no strike that… power yes, ‘superpower that god gave me. Using this power I can give people who are dying a few more years to live by… by releasing their souls from their photos.’ ‘Oh yeah and btw this had skipped my mind each time we met for the last 6 months’ hope you don’t mind
F: Here drink this! (extends the drink.) Trust me you need it.
(Tony sits down and drinks the whiskey down in one gulp, rests his head and closes his eyes like he is resting)
T(just starts talking): I figured that in a week or so the power would hv compleately left me then I wont need to tell Sophie anything.(opens his eyes and turns to Tony) Remember Grandma, it started back then.
F: What?
T: Ya the docs had told us all that she would die within the hour and
F: She survived and lived for almost another year… Ya I remember… dont tell me… you did that… Oh My God! thats why she dissappered from her photos.
T: Now do you believe me.
F(slowly and with a little fear): How did you do that?
T: I am not sure, it just happens all I need, it turned out was a picture with her in it. I was sitting next to her and holding her hand. I saw the photoframe next to her bed and her silloute was very bright in it for some reason. I picked up the frame and in the next moment her image was gone and Grandma was awake and looking right at me. (puts his palms on his head) I could not sleep for weeks after that… It took me a few months to realize the power in totality and after that I just started visiting hospitals and meeting the terminally ill people.
F: How many people do you think you can save before the power goes away.
T: One more I hope… but that might be very difficult too. (pauses and thinks) Every second I feel the power draining away.
F: From when have you been feeling like this?
T: About say 5-6 months.
F: Did anything happen at that time that could have caused it? Any accident?
T: No nothing like that… Nothing significant happened. Except…
S: Except what?
T: Sophie. I met Sophie about 6 months ago.
F: Do you think, meeting and possibly falling in love with Sophie could have caused this?
T: I dont know…. Wait a sec… what is the time (picks up a table clock) Oh my god, I am late. I got to be somewhere… 15 min ago. Can we finish this conversation during tommorow’s session.
F: Fine by me
(Tony picks up his jacket and wears it and turns to leave)
F: Tony (T turns around) Take care of your self
T: (smiles) I will uncle, dont worry.
(T leaves)

Act 2 – Place: Coffee shop, People: Sophie and Tony

(Sophie is sitting at a table waiting as Tony walks up behind her)
T: Honey I am so sorry, I lost track of time I am so sorry.
S: I have been waiting for almost half an hour now.
T: Im sorry my dear, got caught up with something and (looks at her)… lets not let that ruin the rest of the day.(turns to her) How does a movie and dinner sound.
S(smiles): Great, but Uncle had called and asked me to take Emma and her friends to the amusement park. (Tony frowns, like a small kid and Sophie goes on looking else where) And you were late and I was not sure of the plans for the evening… you were so secretive about it almost like a spy and Emma came on the phone and did here ‘pretty please’ thing. (looks at Tony and starts to laugh) Stop that! How bout we do this next week.
T: But but… I was so looking forward for this. (reduces his volume)Plus, I wanted to… (stops and looks at S)
S: You wanted to? (Tony looks away) This is what you were so secretive about. (Tries to look at his face but he looks in the opposite direction as if looking for a waiter)(ponders) Its not your birthday, nor mine, not even our Anniversary… Is today something special, I am sorry if I forgot ok but I just cant take it anymore.
T: Dont worry. Its just something I had to tell you.
S: Well say it.
T: I… I cant. Cant you hurry back so that we make the dinner atleast.
S: Its very difficult. You know Emma… Im sorry I cant make it.
T(to himself): First the dad makes me late and now his daughter spoils my plans
S: Oh come on. I know how much you like her…
T: Oh that rugrat! Trust me I cant stand her.
S: Ok, then give me your wallet.
T: Are you robbing me?
S: Just give me your wallet.
T: (takes out his wallet) For the record I would like to add, this type of robbing might not work well with every one.
(S grins and opens the wallet)
S: My my whose picture is here.
T: (Takes it back) when did you see that. (Puts it in his pocket) Its just your picture…
S: And…
T: Emma’s(Fake frustrated)
S: Ya because you hate her. (T picks up the menu S looks at the sky.) Its getting late… got to pick up Emma and her friends. (Gets up puts on her jacket) Well it was nice robbing you Mr. Tony Bishoff. Guess you have to wait till next weekend to get robbed again.
(Turns to leave)
(T stands up, grabs her hand and pulls her near him)
T: I cant wait till next week.
(Puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a case. Opens it and there is a ring in it)
T(looks into her eyes): They say that you should get married only for love (pauses) But considering that its very difficult to happen… Would you marry me for my money?
S: OMG, yes yes yes.
(They kiss)

Act 3 – location – Outside a Hospital ward. People: Dr. Fields, Tony
(Dr. Fields is sitting on a chair and is very upset pref in tears, Tony walks in also very worried)
F: Tony, thank god you came.
T: How are they?
(F looks at Tony and starts weeping)
T: How did it happen?
F: They were crossing the road and I think it was a drunk driver…
T: What did the doc say?
F: (weeps) I need your help… You have got to save them. The doc says they have only a few hours left in them…
(T stares into space deep in thought)
F: I only have a photo of Emma…
T: I have a photo of them both
F(Catches Tony’s hands): Please save them.
(Tony falls on the chair and takes out his wallet. Opens it and stares at it)
T: But… Whome?
(curtian drops)