Updates From My Presentation…

Finally yesterday evening we had our class presentation. It was supposed to happen a week ago and after a couple of advancements, yesterday was the day.

I think the play went ok but I forgot couple of lines(not much of a surprise) but nobody in the audience realized anything :P Personally I felt that when we(Neerja, my classmate and partner in the play and I) had practiced the play a lot and were very confident a week back. Yesterday for some reason we just did not feel like it. But as my teacher says ‘Actors cant feel like or not feel like doing something, they just have to bite the feeling and do it!’.

The review at the end of the day sounded good :) so overall im very happy of having done it. My teacher said that I tend to internalize the characters which is not exactly a flaw… he compared my type of acting to Shabana Azmi(please note I said ‘type of’ acting) and that works very well too :)

We are currently discussing about doing a full fledged production for a bunch of small plays and performing in a proper theater like environment. I stepped up to write 2 scripts for which I have a week. Writing is not new to me(this is what I mean) but writing plays is a different ball game with different rules…. Crossing my fingers on it :D I plan to direct on of my plays and act in one of the other plays as well so it looks like a busy schedule ahead.

In other things a few Blogthings… (I kindof went crazy on those ‘Sins’)

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