Time Bound…

“You see, time doesn’t exist… It never did… Well ‘did’ is time dependent so that complicates things.”
“Thats the problem” he went on, “Language was created by people bound by the constraints of time…”
“Ah ‘created'” he cringed again, “If I ‘had’ to communicate this idea to you, the constraint of Language makes it impossible” he sighed, “You see, we follow a long line of people whose minds were bound it time.”
He shook his head, he was losing his audience.
“You see, yesterday never happened. What you have in your head is a memory that makes you believe it did.”
He pulled out some papers and picked one up
“Here is the math…” He had a smile filled with satisfaction
“If you were to conjure into existence this moment and if I filled your head with memories like the ones you have now, you wouldn’t know that you came to existence just now.”

He waited for an applause, there was none. The patients at the Bedford Mental Asylum were generally a tough crowd to please.