The Books…

Cover of "Buddha: Volume 8: Jetavana"

Cover of Buddha: Volume 8: Jetavana

Bhutan drived an urge inside me to delve deeper into Buddhism. A combination of that urge and working on my 12 book project(reading a book every month) for this year, I first picked up “An Introduction to the Teachings and Philosophy of the Dalai Lama in His Own Words” and now started reading Buddha, series by Osamu Tezuka.


The former gave me some wonderful insights into the philosophy, life and habits of the Dalai Lama. While it might not interest every reader the book is great philosophical read. The Lama makes some interesting arguments and talking about his understanding of how the universe works. The parts that I really enjoyed were the parts about how his philosophies correlate with science. He takes some good examples about neuro science and makes some compelling arguments. My favorite part of the book was his thoughts on meditation and its purpose.


I then picked up Buddha by Osamu Tezuka for two reasons:


  1. I have heard some great reviews about the book
  2. I really wanted to do a graphic novel in the list of books for the year. This one fit well as its a 8 book series and a decent challenge to read in a month.

So far the first book has been an amazing read. I realize there is so much to the story of Buddha that I wasn’t aware of. Looking forward to finishing the full series by the end of the month.