Back to my roots…

Damn it feels good to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city… I had been to my village yesterday, its a small village about 90 min from Bangalore… The itenary was a visit to my aunt, lunch and then back. As all visits to my relatives goes I came home like 6 hrs late :P.

One great thing about the journey was the roads, all newly laid and it felt great to be zipping past the milestones. We had started late but the good roads allowed us to gain time and we arrived on time. I spent the next few hours muching some delicious home cooked sweets and ocassionally walking out.

I love the country side coz of the animals… step out of my aunt’s place and we saw cats, dogs, chickens and cows all within a few feet of us… my mom said they saw a mongoose later… I had a good lunch and rested my head to get some sleep. All houses around my village have a space outside both the frond and the back doors for seating, this is something I totally love and its a pefect place for a afternoon nap… trust me with the cool breeze blowing onto u its the best way to spend the noon :)

We then headed to my father’s birthplace and spent some time in my uncle’s place there. We had a short walk in the fields and had the pleasure of watching the Bitter gourd plants (Must mention that I simply adore Bitter gourd :) )

We returned back to my aunt’s place where we had some hot vadas and coffee. Then we headed back to the concrete jungle… I loved the country side, nothing removes stress and worries as fast as a visit there can :).

PS: Feeling all charged up