Nov 23, 2084
Dear Diary,
Today was my Birthday. I am 10 today. Mommy gave you to me. She told me that her mommy had given her a diary when she became 10 too. She told me it was her best friend. My best friend is Captain Snorkey only. But I wanted Captain Snorkey’s castle. Dad said that if I was a good boy Santa would give it to me for Christmas.

I had a beautiful cake and the party was very nice. Tommy, Lisa, Ray and Timmy were there. I had a lot of fun today.

Nov 28, 2084
Dear Diary,
I wore my blue shirt to school today, mom said I look like a prince in it.

The teleporter did not work today just like it did almost a year ago. This time I was not in it. Dad left me to the school and was very scared I don’t know why.

Dec 5, 2084
Dear Diary,
I scored my first goal today. Dad was there and he was so happy. I am so happy. Coach Keane was very happy too. We won the match. Dad took the entire team for ice creams after the game. Dad is the best dad in the world.

Dec 14, 2084
Dear Diary,
Today I hurt my self in the soccer game. We did not go to the doctor, dad said it will be fine by morning. My leg hurts, I have cried all day but dad says I must not be scared.

Dec 15, 2084
Dear Diary,
My leg is fine, Dad says it was just a small hurt and cured itself. I feel so much better and even went to play soccer today. Coach Keane was surprised at how well I had healed.

Dec 18, 2084
Dear Diary,
Today Miss Arbackle taught us about living things. She told us that we, plants and animals were alive and were living creatures. I asked her why the desk was not living. She told me that they all had a soul. I don’t understand what a soul is and how it got into the animals and into me. Does it mean that you don’t have a soul. Then why do I talk to you. And how can the same soul fit into a elephant and an ant. I don’t understand.

Dec 23, 2084
Dear Diary,
Christmas is going to be here soon and I have been a good boy. I hope Santa can deliver my gifts correctly, of course he can.

Dec 25, 2084
Dear Diary,
Merry Christmas. I got my gifts, dad was right I got my Captain Snorkey’s castle. I am so happy. I have been playing with it all day.

Dec 27, 2084
Dear Diary,
Christmas and New year is the best time of the year. Gifts are great but the best part is that in the holidays I get to do what I want. Me and Captain Snorkel went swimming, mommy did not want us to go but it has been a long time and I wanted to go. Dad told mom and then I went swimming with Dad.

Jan 1, 2085
Dear Diary,
The New Year is here and today mommy made my favorite, blue berry pie. It tasted great but after lunch a man wearing an uniform came and spoke to dad. Dad was very angry with him. He told me to stay in my room and after the man left, mommy came into my room crying and gave me a huge hug.
She never told me why but just gave me a hug. I cant see mommy cry… it makes me cry.

Jan 2, 2085
Dear Diary,
Mommy woke me up at 5 today and told me we were moving. Dad had already packed and I just sat in the truck and we left. I don’t know why we did not use the teleporter, it is faster but I have never seen dad using the teleporter ever. He only agreed to let me use it after I had cried for 4 days after the day the teleporter failed. Mommy does not know that I use the teleporter, dad told me she will be angry if I told her.
It is difficult to write in the truck but the trip has been fun till now. Dad keeps saying the people are not “open” still. He told me not to use internet4 he told me they will find us. He told me we were playing hide and seek, and we were hiding and the longer we hide the more chances for us to win.

Jan 3, 2085
Dear Diary,
We lost. The man came early in the morning.

I am now in a house but mom and dad are not here. Atleast he let me have you he took away Captain Snorkey. He told me that I will be living in this place for a few days. I don’t like this place it smells weird….

There is nothing to do here. The guard came in and gave me my lunch. He was nice not like the other man who is always angry with me. He spoke with me for sometime and did not say anything about dad and mom….

Jan 4, 2085
Dear Diary,
The nice guard came in again a few minutes ago and spoke with me. He did not say much, he just looked at me for sometime and held my hand, smiled and left….

Dad came to meet me just now. He just came in and hugged me. He was crying and when he cries I start crying. He told me not to listen to what anyone says and that they are all lies. He told me that he will take me out of here soon. The angry man came in and took dad away… I hate that man. Why cant I talk to my dad? I miss my mom… oh god, I am so scared….

Jan 5, 2085
Dear Diary,
Today I am not going to eat until I can see my mom. I don’t care what they tell me I will not eat until I talk to mom….

I told the guard that I won’t eat my breakfast. He stared at me and walked out. I think he has gone to get mom. I am so happy I will get to see mom.

He is lying….He is lying…. The angry man came in and started screaming at me and told me to eat my food. I told him I won’t. So he smiled and told me that it did not matter if I did not eat and that I can’t die. He told me I was not alive and that I was a robot. He told me I have no soul…. That is not possible, if plants can have one I have one too….

I want my mom, I know he was lying just to get me to eat…. Mom where are you.

The nice guard gave me a book, he told me to read a story of “Fisherman and His Soul”. He told me it would make me feel better…

I don’t understand the story is about a fisherman that leaves his soul behind to find true love but his soul was evil…Does it mean that I am better of without a soul….

Jan 6, 2085
Dear Diary,
I did not eat all day yesterday. I am really hungry but I want to see mom. I won’t eat until I see mom.

The angry man just told me that I will get to see my mom. I am so happy.

Mom came and left, she gave me a huge hug. I can’t remember if she ever gave me a bigger hug. She told me that she was there and told me to be brave. The angry man then came and pulled her off.

The angry man came in a few minutes ago. He was smiling and told me that I am free. He told me that I have to go for a test. After the test I will get to see my mom and dad….I can’t wait to see them….