Turning older

It has been over a month since I turned 29. Every year I make it a point to write a blog post about my birthday, I have been doing that consistently since I started writing this blog but for some reason this year I just didnt feel like writing about it. Its not that I dont like birthdays anymore, though I know enough people who dont enjoy turning older… This year the day felt quite different…

Its hard to explain, but its been a long time since I felt a birthday. To my best memory, the last time I felt like I got older was when I turned 25. And before that, 23. Its almost as though I magically turned from 23 to 25, 24 really didn’t happen and neither did 26, 27, 28 and now 29. You know those saying about “Age being just a number”, well they make a lot of sense now.

Well, with all that said… I did mathematically turn 29, three weeks ago. Since I am a bit of a geeky fanatic about numbers, this is my first ‘prime’ birthday in 6 years. The years when my age have been Prime have been kindof special years for me. My fondest memories are from when I was 19… but thats a story for another day :)

Looking back… 23 was when I created what I considered to be my most cherished masterpiece. 6 years have gone by and now I am quite certain that I might never do anything in my lifetime to match that feat. I have had my fair share of successes and failure over the years, and I find satisfaction in knowing that 23 year old me would have patted me on the back for making the best of what I had.

Many years ago, someone told me “live everyday as though its your birthday”. Well… that was some awesome advice. I have tried my best to follow that advice and as a consequence most of my birthdays just seem like regular days with more cake and phone calls.

As for where to go from here… I have some insane ideas… Fingers crossed :)