Phir Se Ud Chala Lyrics Meaning & Translation

Phir Se Ud Chala is one of my favorite songs from Rockstar. Everything about the song is just beautiful, let it be the unorthodox variations of the lines from Irshad Kamil or the paced treatment of the song by Rahman or the magical voice of Mohit Chauhan. The picturization and timing of the song in the movie is just brilliant and adds so much meaning to the words.

Considering this is complex and deeply philosophical song. I have resorted to translating it the way it fitted my thoughts. I guess my dilemma can be best captured by this quote from the legendary Gulzar:

A translation is like a mistress; if its beautiful, its not faithful; if its faithful, its not beautiful…

Phir Se Ud Chala Lyrics Meaning:

Movie: Rockstar
Lyrics: Irshad Kamil
Music: A R Rahman
Singer: Mohit Chauhan

Phir se ud chala
Ud ke choda hai jahaan neeche main tumhare ab hoon hawale
Door door log baag meelon door… yeh Vaadiyaan

{adinserter 2}

I take off again,
I have flown and left my world below, and now I am all yours,
Far away are the people and gardens, miles away… I am in the Valleys

Phir, dhuaan dhuaan tan har badli chali aati hai choone
Aur koi badli kabhi kahi kar de tan geela yeh bhi na ho…

Then, the soft smoky cloud comes touches my body
And any cloud that tries to dampen my body, fails…

Kisi manzar par main ruka nahi
Kabhi khud se bhi mein mila nahi
Ye gila to hai main khafa nahi
Shehar ek se, Gaon ek se,
Log ek se, Naam ek ooo..
Phir se ud chala, mein…

I never stopped at any beautiful scenery (in this journey),
I never discovered myself (in this journey),
I have this regret but am not furious,
All cities seem the same, villages… same,
People… same and same names..
And I fly again

Mitti jaise sapne ye,
Kitna bhi palko se, jhaado;
Phir aa jaate hain…
Itne saare sapne
Kya kahoon kis tarah se maine
Tode hain chhode hain kyun
Phir saat chale,
Mujhe leke yeh udhe hai… kyun

Dreams are like the dust,
How much ever I dust them from my eyes
They once again return…
So many of my dreams,
What can I say, I have,
Shattered and left behind… Why?
Yet they walk beside me,
They give me flight… Why?

Kabhi daal daal, kabhi paat paat
Mere saath saath, phire dhar dhar yeh
Kabhi sehra, kabhi saawan
Banu Raavan, kyun mar mar ke
Kabhi daal daal, kabhi paat paat
Kabhi din hai raat, kabhi din din hai
Kya sach hai, kya maaya… Hai daata

Sometimes from branch to branch, from leaf to leaf,
With me, it roams every doorstep,
In the desert, in the rain,
Why should I become a Demon(Raavan), with this suffering…
From branch to branch, from leaf to leaf,
Sometimes day is night and sometimes day is day…
What is the truth and what an illusion, oh Lord!

Idhar udhar, titar bitar
Kya hai pata, hawa liye jaye teri ore
Kheenche teri yaadein
Teri yaadein teri ore

Here and there, helter skelter
who knows may be wind carries me in your direction,
Your memories draw me,
Your memories draw me in your direction…

Rang birange vehmon mein, Main udta phiroon
Rang birange vehmon mein, Main udta phiroon

In these colourful visions, I fly on…
In these colourful visions, I fly on…