2011 – In Moments

2011 was a transitional year for me. A year in which I made some big decisions, a year in which I saw myself in new light, a year full of choices I really didn’t want to make, a year of adventure, of new friends, of strengthening some relationships, re-evaluating others, a year of winning some hearts and breaking some, a year of rediscovering where my passion lied and finally, 2011 was an year I invested in myself…

2011, for me was about action; about throwing caution to the wind and taking the leap I always wanted to but never got around to. In many ways most of my year revolved around the monthly projects I did during the year.

Last year I wrote and directed my first full length play. The experience was a bitter sweet one but it taught me a lot about myself and people around me. It was the first time I took upon a major responsibility and saw it thru. During the year I worked actively on theater, including acting in another play at the end of the year. An experience that literally gave me wings and a sort of happiness that I had never felt before.

Over the past year, I switched jobs. I moved on from a job that, I believed for four years was the one I would retire at. The decision and the few months after it was one of the worst phases of my life and despite all the pain and heartbreak I now believe it was an experience I had to go through. I remember that in my most emotional moments describing the decision to a close friend as a divorce… I couldnt have explained it any better.

In the last 12 months, my heart has its own story to tell. A story of losing hope and self confidence. A story that thankfully ends with rediscovering my self in the eyes of a muse that saw something in me that I had ignored for too long. Then there was vindication, to my approach; a realization that maybe I wasn’t that wrong all along.

I walked the quiet streets of Kalimpong once again in 2011, my second favorite place in the world after Bangalore. I embraced the Himalayas once more and reveled in the warmth that the wise old mountains provided. I sat in a cozy coffee shop in the middle of pondicherry having breakfast with people I loved. I bit into delicious pizzas near Auroville trying very hard to check out the girl at the counter who in her quiet charm had just stolen my heart. I rested on a hammock in the banks of the river Kaveri discussing the years gone by with departing friends.

2011 was a year full of life. My nephew was born into this world and my niece turned two. Having two kids at home makes the world infinitely beautiful. There is no prize in the world comparable to the genuine smile my nephew gives me when he sees me.

In 2011, I took over 13000 photos with my camera. I took photos for over 7 plays, even tried shooting a short film with my camera and did a portfolio for a friend (which helped him win a modeling assignment). I participated in a couple of photography challenges and saw the first of my photographs in the newspapers(mostly for plays). Considering I only had my camera for a year (bought it last Christmas), I can safely say I am making good use of it :)

2011 was also a year to learn what I always wanted but couldnt get time for. I tried my hand at playing the violin, something I want to persue in 2012 too. I did a yoga course and even got back to some engineering education towards the end of the year.

In 2011, I wrote about 100 blog posts, redesigned my website, wrote a few short pieces (including one which is being currently adapted to a play) and almost read a few books too :D

Honestly, looking back I am a bit saddened that 2011 is almost done and dusted but I shouldn’t really be complaining about it…

That will do, 2011; That will do :)