Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar Hoon (Kabhi Kabhie) – Lyrics English Meaning/Translation

Kabhi Kabhie

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If there is one song that I relate to most as an artist, it has to be Main Pal Do Pal Ka Shayar. Written by Sahir Ludhianvi, the song talks about a poet who looks at the world around him and questions his contribution to it.

The beauty of the song is how the artist thinks of his own mortality and talks about the artist that will follow him. In the final paragraph he wonders if he will be remembered and questions why he should be remembered, and if he deserves the time that he hopes people will one day give him.

This is my goto song for inspiration and when I feel any success is getting to my head :) The beautiful voice of Mukesh helps me focus on what is ahead and not on what is already accomplished.

Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi
Album: Kabhi Kabhi
Music: Khaiyyam
Vocals: Mukesh

Main pal do pal ka shaayar hoon
Pal do pal meri kahaani hai
Pal do pal meri hasti hai
Pal do pal meri jawaani hai

I am but a poet for a moment or two;
My story is for a moment or two,
My image is for a moment or two,
My youth, for a moment or two.

Mujhse pehle kitne shaayar
Aaye aur aakar chale gaye
Kuchh aahein bharkar laut gaye
Kuchh naghme gaakar chale gaye
Woh bhi ek pal ka kissa thhey
Main bhi ek pal ka kissa hoon
Kal tumse juda ho jaaoonga
Woh aaj tumhaara hissa hoon
Main pal do pal ka..

Many poets came before me,
They came and went away.
Some went filled with sighs,
and some went singing songs.
They too were a story for a moment in time;
I too am a story for a moment.
Tomorrow I will depart from you,
But for today, I’m a part of you.
I’m a poet of a moment or two.

Kal aur aayenge nagmon ki,
Khilti kaliya chunne waale
Mujhse behtar kehne waale,
Tumse behtar sunne waale
Kal koi mujhko yaad kare
Kyoon koi mujhko yaad kare
Mashroof zamaana mere liye
Kyoon waqt apna barbaad kare
Main pal do pal ka..

Tomorrow more (poets) will come,
To pick the freshly bloomed blossoms of songs.
They will better storytellers than me,
And better listeners than you.
Tomorrow, someone might remember me;
But why should anyone remember me?
For my sake, why should this busy world
Waste its precious time?
I’m a poet only for a moment or two.