Yeh Mein Aaya Kahan Hoon (Kabul Express) – Lyrics English Meaning/Translation

Kabul Express

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The most famous song from Kabul Express that rocked the charts was Shubha Mudgal song called “Banjar”. But there were two other songs that almost went unnoticed in the sound track and they were my favorite from the album. The song “Keh Raha Mera Dil” almost made it to this list but despite the magnificent sound of the flute in the song I decided to give the other song the spot on this list.

“Yeh mein aaya kahan hoon” is a song of all times for me. I have listened to this song for years and never once felt that I couldnt connect it with that specific moment in my life. The song in its philosophical wordings talks about the struggle inside oneself and realigns it with the treachery of the world.

Written by the multi-talented Raghav Sachar, who also composed and sang the song; this song has so many levels that its hardly possible to appreciate it in the first attempt. Understanding the context also adds immensely to the beauty of the song. This song is sung under politically unstable times in Kabul and the protagonists who are covering the war wonder the significance of life and what needs to be done in life.

Lyrics: Raghav Sachar
Album: Kabul Express
Music: Raghav Sachar
Vocals: Raghav Sachar

Here is the translation of the beautiful song:

Haan yeh mein aaya kahan hoon
Kauf hai sehma hua hooon
Haan yeh kaise fiza hai
Dard hai behka hua hoon

Oh where have I ended up
The fear as lulled me
What is this aura
The pain has me agitated

Na jaane kaise yeh dua
Na jaaane kasie yeh pukar
Na jaaane kasie yeh fariyad hai

Indescribable, is this smoke (veil)
Indescribable, are these cries
Indescribable, is this prayer

Aye mere khuda
Sun le yeh sadaa
Zakhamo ko mere tu chupa
Ruhh ki yeh parchayi
Dil ki yeh tanhai
Dundu tere sajde mein panaah

Oh my god,
Listen to my request
Conceal my wounds,
This shadow of my soul,
The lonliness in my heart
In this prayer I seek solace

Aah mujhe jaana kahan hai
Soch mein dooba hua hoon
Haan yeh kaise saza hai
Dard se bheka hua hoon

Oh where do I head,
I am lost in the thought
Oh what sort of punishment is this
The pain has me agitated

Anjaaani se hai yeh subah
Anjaanna sa hai yeh safar
Anjaana sa hai intezaar hai

Alien, is this morning
Alien, is this journey
Alien, is this wait

Meri hasratoon ka yeh afsaaana
Meri kashmakash ka yeh taraana
Besabr waqt ko dundhe zamana

This is the tale of my desires,
An account of my unpredictable meetings
As the world searches for impatient time

Unfortunately I couldnt find a video for this song but do watch the movie Kabul Express if you can, its a good watch.