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Afreen Afreen Lyrics Translation

If I have to attribute my love for Urdu to one literary work, Afreen Afreen would be it. Written by Javed Akhtar and performed by the legendary Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Afreen Afreen is the absolute personification of beauty that words can bring.

The song describes the beauty of the beloved of the writer. Its the imagination of the poet that is brilliant beyond words. This is one of the songs that I appreciated a million times more after understanding the intricate use of words.

And a wonderful bonus is watching the gorgeous Lisa Ray in the video of the song :)

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Vocals: Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Album: Sangam

Here is my translation of the song:

Husn-e-jaanaa ki taareef mumkin nahi
Afreen Afreen, Afreen Afreen
Tu bhi dekhe agar to kahe ham-nashiiN
Afreen Afreen, Afreen Afreen

It is not possible to praise the beauty of my beloved
Praise to the creator; Praise to the creator;
Even if you see my beloved, you would agree
Praise to the creator; Praise to the creator;

Aisa dekha nahi khoobsurat koi
Jism jaise Ajanta ki muurat koi
Jism jaise nigaaho pe jaaduu koi
Jism nagma koi jism khushboo koi
Jism jaise machalti hui raagini
Jism jaise mehekti hui chandni
Jism jaise ke khilta huaa ek chaman
Jism jaise suraj ki pehli kiran
Jism tarsha huaa Dilkash-o-dil-nashi
Sandali sandali
Marmari marmari

I have never seen anyone so beautiful
Body is like the statues of Ajanta Caves
Body is like a spell on eyes
Body is like a beautiful song; Body is like a perfume
Body is like mesmerizing music
Body is like perfumed moon rays
Body is like a blossoming garden
Body is like the first rays of the Sun
Body is like carved statue, eye-catching and arresting
Like Sandalwood
Like Marble.

Chehraa ek phuul ki tarah shaadaab hai
Chehraa uskaa hai yaa koi mahtaab hai
Chehraa jaise Ghazal, chehraa jaan-e-Ghazal
Chehraa jaise kali, chehraa jaise kaval
Chehraa jaise tasavvur ki tasveer bhi
Chehraa ek khvaab bhi chehraa tabir bhi

(My Beloved’s) face is as fresh as flower
Is it her face or the moon?
Face is like a Ghazal, face is like the heart of Ghazal
Face is like a bud, face is like lotus
Face is like manifestation of imagination
Face is like a dream, and its interpretation too.

Chehraa koi alif laila ki daastaa
Chehraa ek pal yaqin, chehraa ek pal gumaah
Chehraa jaise ke chehraa koi bhi nahiin
Maah-ruuh maah-ruuh
Maah-jabi maah-jabi

(My Beloved’s) Face is like a tales of Alif Laila
For one moment real and in another, an imagination
Face is like no other
With a forehead which is moon like
so is her body.

Aankhein dekhi to mein dekhtha reh gaya
Jaam do aur donon hi do aatishah
Aankhein ya maikade ki yeh do baab hai
Aankhein inko kahoon ya kahoon khuwaab hai
Aankhein neechi hui to haya ban gayi
Aankhein unchi howi to dua ban gayi
Aankhein uth kar jhuki to ada ban gayi
Aankhein jhuk kar uthi to Sazah ban gayi
Aankhein jin mein hai qaid aasman-o-zameen
Nargisi nargisi,
Surmayi surmayi

When I saw her eyes I was transfixed
They are like two cups of wine that are ablaze
Are these eyes? or the two doors of wine-house
Do I call them eyes or a part of my dreams
Her downward glance is the symbol of shyness
Her upward glance is like prayer
When her eyes look down after upward glance, it feels like a style
When her eyes look up after downward glance, it feels like a punishment
Eyes, in which the sky and earth are captured
like Narcissus (plant)
(and) Greyish

Zulf-e-jaana ki bhi lambi hai daastan
Zulf ke mere dil par hai parchaiyan
Zulf jaise ke ulji hui ho ghata
Zulf jaise ke ho koi kaalii balah
Zulf uljhe to duniyaa pareshaan ho
Zulf suljhe to ye geet aasaan ho
Zulf bikhre siyaah raat chhaane lage
Zulf lahraaye to raat gaane lage
Zulf zanjiir hai phir bhi kitni haseen
Reshmii reshmii
AmbariiN ambariin

The story of the tresses of beloved is also long
Tresses, like shadows on my heart
Tresses, like over-cast dark clouds
Tresses, like some black specter
When tresses get entangled, so does the world
When tresses become straight, then writing this song becomes easy
When tresses spread apart then black night encroaches
When tresses sway then the night sings
Tresses, like chains, but so beautiful
Like Silk
(and) perfumed


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