Naam Adaa Likhna (Yahaan) – Poetry Translation Month


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Written by the brilliant Gulzar, Naam Adaa Likhna is one of the truly romantic songs written in the last few years. Written for the Minissha Lamba & Jimmy Shergill starrer Yahaan, the song with its lovely visuals gets a beautiful feel of the love between the characters.

This one of the few songs that really calms me down when I listen to it and always puts a smile on my face… Also this is the first of the ‘cheerful’ songs in this month long project :)

The other specialty of this translation is that its done by Gulzar saab himself. I possess a brilliant book which goes by the name “100 Lyrics“, which contains the translations of 100 Gulzar songs by the master himself :) This translation has been taken verbatim from there :)

Lyrics: Gulzar
Album: Yahaan
Vocals: Shreya Ghoshal & Shaan
Music: Shantanu Moitra

Puche Jo Koi Meri Nishaani
Rang Hina Likhna
Gore Badan Pe
Ungli Se Mera Naam Ada Likhna

If they ask you my identity, say-
I am the colour of Henna
As traced by your fingertips on my fair body
I am spelt Grace

Kabhi Kabhi Aas Paas Chand Rehta Hai
Kabhi Kabhi Aas Paas Shaam Rehti Hai

Aau To Subha Jao To
Mera Naam Saba Likhna
Burf Pade To Burf Pe
Mera Naam Dua Likhna

Zara Zara Aag Vaag Pass Rehti Hai
Zara Zara Kangde Ke Aacha Rehti Hai

Tell them the moon hovers around me at times
And at times I am wrapped in the dusk of the evening
Write down my name as morning, when i arrive
Put it down as night when I leave
And when the snowflakes begin to fall
Scribble my name on the fallen snow as prayer
Tell them, there’s the blaze of fire about her
and at times, the comforting glow of the kangri

Jab Tum Haste Ho, Din Ho Jata Hai
Tum Gale Lage Toh, Din So Jata Hai

Doli Uthaye Ayega Din To
Pass Betha Lena
Kal Jo Mile To mathe Mein Mere
Suraj Uga Dena

When you laugh, the day fills up with sunshine
And when you embrace me, the day lulls itself to sleep

And when the day comes as a newly-wed in a palanquin
take my hand and make me sit next to you
and if you find tomorrow
make it sprout the sun from my forehead

Kabhi Kabhi Aas Paas Dhup Rehegi
Kabhi Kabhi Aas Pass Rang Renhege

Puche Jo Koi Meri Nishaani
Rang Hina Likhna
Gore Badan Pe
Ungli Se Mera Naam Ada Likhna

If they ask you my identity, say –
I am Henna
Tell them the sun shines around me at times
And at times I’m enveloped in colours of myriad hues…