The Year Of The Phoenix

2010 will be marked as a very special year in my life. It was a year in which I did a lot of things that I previously believed to be extremely difficult or even impossible. But most importantly and to put it mildly, it was the year in which I was reborn.

2010 started with spectacular promise, I spent new years at Hampi with my friends; Easily one of the best new years celebration ever :) I remember thinking back then that its a great sign that I was traveling for new years, it might just mean that I will be traveling right thru the year. Unfortunately the exact opposite happened, leaving my short trips to Coorg and
Thanjavur I hardly traveled much. But my biggest regret of 2010 will be missing an opportunity to visit Sri Lanka with my friends. I hope to one day make up for missing that opportunity.

2010 on a personal level had a distinct flow to it. Let it be my work or photography or theater or people around me, everything seemed to have a same tone at different points of the year. I am a great believer in balance and most of 2010 was a very unbalanced affair for me.

The last year challenged a lot of my beliefs and while living thru that was almost torture at times, walking out of it has been one of the most fruitful experiences of my life. There were a lot of things in life that I had taken for granted but this year pretty much realigned my faith in myself and those around me.

I have always believed that my level of happiness is directly related to how much I write, or vice versa. To give you a perspective this year I have written the least number of posts in my blog since the start of my blog.

Finally about the title of this entry… For the first 9 months of 2010 I slowly but steadily grew unhappier. Looking back now I realize it was a mental block more than anything else, a situation where you only look at things in one way. My narrow sightedness reduced me to ashes. Then came the defining moments of my adult life, moments of clarity from someone whom I will love and cherish forever. It was this clarity that made me rebuild myself piece by piece. The process took a lot of dedication and most importantly self belief. By the end of it I was whole again and looking at life in a way that I had never seen it before.

Its hard to explain the process but after it, the last three months of 2010 have been the finest of my life. Every part of my life has not just improved significantly, it has sense of purpose that wasn’t clear to me for most of my life.

Thats why 2010 will be a very special year in my life, no matter what the future brings I will remember this as the year that I changed from the inside.