Selfless Work…

Last evening I was attending the engagement of two of my friends. The event was beautifully organized and hustle & bustle of the relatives and friends gave such a warm touch to the evening that you couldn’t help but smile right through.

I have always been a firm believer that the way to live life is to seek out moments of celebration and to make them count. This moment, with two of my friends possibly sharing the most happiest/important moment of their lives so far; clearly counted as one. As I sat in the audience and looked at the abundance of happiness all around, I realized something. I am always very cheerful around weddings(or the like)…

I believe this goes back to something someone once told me when they were trying to explain the concept of selfless work, the person chose the example of a wedding. What he said was that when people are involved in organizing a wedding it doesn’t matter what job or menial task has been given, all that matters is that the task is done so that the event is a success.

One of my best experiences with the internal workings of weddings was when my sister got married. It was then that I truly understood what that meant. Ever since every major family event that I am a part of, I take a moment to stand back and appreciate the effort that it takes to make a huge event.

Its amazing how many little tasks need to be done to make an event of those proportions happen. And its always awesome to watch so many ppl make it happen.

So, finally congrats to my friends on their engagement :) and congrats to all involved in making it happen :)