Lack of Words or the abundance of it…

My recent MIA status from the blogging world is due to an experiment of sorts. Exactly a month ago Lifehacker wrote about an interesting website entitled I gave the website a try and was immediately hooked to what was so simple and clearly perfect for someone like me.

The concept of 750 Words is simple: every day, you type 750 words(about three pages)of stream of conscious, whatever you want, free writing. The idea is that when you examine things locked away in your mind you not only get a better understanding about yourself but also free your mind for fresher ideas.

The website advices you to write the first thing in the morning, after 3 pages of thoughts it leaves your mind free for the rest of the day. What I do is I wake up in the morning, go for a run/exercise for a while and then sit down in front of the comp and start typing away.

The morning flow of words is stronger than I could have ever imagined, In the 10 odd days I have done the exercise I have written about my family, friends, thoughts, ideas… even on the spot essays about random phenomenons. It takes me on an average about 25min to get to 750 words(my personal best being 18min) and by then I am fully awake and feeling so much better.

On the flip-side, I have lost the drive to blog… the exhilarating 30 min in the morning leaves my thirst for writing fulfilled and that has lead me to ignore my blog. Sometimes I even felt that I should post parts of what I write on the site… who knows maybe I will.

Anyway, check out the website and have a look at the cool stats the website generates. Give it a try(you just need a google/yahoo/facebook account to login), it worked for me… who knows it might for you too :)