Diwali ’09 in Pictures…


This Diwali was made special by two awesome celebrations. One at midnight on the eve of Diwali and the another on the last day.

I wasnt exactly prepared for the first celebration and that meant that I dont have any photos from that day. But that evening we were far away from the city at a friends place on his birthday. My friends and I went nuts with hardly another soul awake for miles :)

The next celebration was more planned but loads of fun. Diwali as always was a spectacular fun :)

Spring of fire IMG_1990 IMG_1994 IMG_2003 IMG_2004 IMG_2009 IMG_2017 Source

After we exhausted the simple fireworks, we turned our attention to the Rockets. First it was straightforward and then we went crazy firing up rockets in pairs :D

Rocketing Double Launch Into the Sky Take Off Going Up After Burn Sparkles

I managed to capture some scenes of celebration around my place later in the evening. I wish I had taken a lot more photos but am happy that I could continue the custom I had started Four Years ago…

IMG_2055 Moving Fire Red Streaks Purple Haze Design in the Sky

Photos from the Past:

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