Thank you…

It has been over four years since I started blogging and what started as a simple way to hone my writing skill and reach out to more people easily, has become a part of my life.

For my 25th birthday I decided to look back in my life and thank all those amazing people that have touched my life making it more special for me. I sent out a few emails but no where near the number I had initially in my mind.

One of the biggest groups of friends I have had over the year has to be the readers of my blog. You guys have inspired me at the right moments, encouraged me when I need it the most, shared my thoughts, gave me strength at my weakest of moments and added to my happiness on all those special occasions… Thank you guys, thanks for everything.

During these four short years I have met so many amazing people, conversed about things that literally changed my life and reached out to people I never thought I could every speak to. Its a truly humbling thing to realize the support you have recieved, the love and encouragement, without which I probably wouldnt be the man I am right now.

I feel like this ray of light that was on his merry way without realizing that the stars and planets thousands of miles away were slowly changing my direction… Now four years later I couldnt have been here, at this moment without you wonderful people.

Thank you guys :)