Change to Slide…

Yesterday after a lot of deliberation I decided to make the jump and change my phone. I love hanging onto things I am comfortable with, and the fact that my last(and incidentally my first) phone was with me for over three and half years attests that.

The last phone served me very well, I spent a lot of time initially using it as a digital camera and making very good use of its features. But lately I just use it to make calls, messaging and as an alarm. It was only when I suspected that it had been battered enough that it might be dropping messages that I considered the switch. Ironically I was very careful with the phone (almost throughtout its lifetime it might have been dropped only a couple of times).

This time I decided to avoid the smart phone category, I already have an iPod Touch and that does about 90% of what I would want from a smart phone. I always wanted a slide phone and was very comfortable with the Sony Ericsson interface.

In the end, I settled on the W580i. Nice phone, good features and me happy :P Lets see how long this one will last.