Raghu Romeo – Movie Review


Raghu Romeo is a 2003 Hindi movie that received a lot of critical acclaim but did not make it big in the box office. The movie went on to win the Silver Lotus for the Best Feature Film (in Hindi) at the National Film Awards. An award whose recipients over the years were Black , Raincoat, Dil Chahta Hai and Bandit Queen.

This offbeat movie about Raghu Romeo who is a lower middle class 30 years old man waiter henpecked by mom at home and by the boss who seldom pays him at a girly club. In his naivety, Raghu thinks he must protect the virtue of that joint’s girls from grabby clients, especially Sweety, a hitman’s honey who has a soft spot for the clueless hero. But he only has eyes for Neeta, a typical TV-soap suffering heroine played by Maria Goretti. Not able to distinguish between reel and real life, Raghu kidnaps the actress when it turns out she is on the hit-list of the hitman, bringing her to the countryside house of Sweety.

What is brilliant about the movie is the ingenuity of the writer who pulls no stops to make the flow of script unpredictable. Let it be a conversation with the actress via a TV or the parallelism of the tv scenes to Raghu’s life or the songs of the movie or the confusion yet clarity in the mind of Raghu. There is so much packed in this seemingly mediocre comedy.

This is one of those movies that you cant help but admire and something you wont forget easily.