First line from the first post of each month in 2008 meme

meme via [info]yathin

Post the first line from the first post of each month in 2008…

Here we go:

Jan: For the record I have enough resolutions for this year but I thought, it would be fun to ask you what do you think I should resolve to do this year? (Recommend2Haas – 2008 Resolutions)

Feb: After the disappointing season 2 of Heroes and Prison Break(+S3) I had almost given up hope for any multi season show. But its the very first show that had me hooked that somehow manages to keep me excited! (To Find Something Good… Get Lost!)

Mar: Season 4 Episode 5 of the tv series Lost is personally the best 42 min of television! (The Best Writing for 42 min…)

Apr: There are few movies that leave a deep mark on your personality. Movies that introduce ideas and thoughts that would other wise have escaped your busy mind. (Into The Wild – Movie Review)

May: Spent Thursday and Friday playing more sports than I have played in the last 5 years… Ten times over :P (Sporty…)

June: There are a few things in my life that I am absolutely proud of achieving. Yesterday that list got one more line added below it. (The Day The Show Went On…)

July: This movie at different moments had me shocked, disturbed, enraged, appalled, smiling, impressed and enlightened… (Khuda Kay Liye)

Aug: We are a spark from the great fire that was ignited many billions of years ago (Star Dust…)

Sep: I first watched The Man With One Red Shoe on television years ago when I first started watching Hollywood movies. (The Man With One Red Shoe – Movie Review)

Oct: It has been over a month since my accident and I can finally do almost everything without feeling uncomfortable. (A Month…)

Nov: Diwali has always been a magical time of the year for me. Its the time where everyone is cheerful and happy. (The Fading Light…)

Dec: Sometimes you are better of believing that you are very far away from your destiny. (A Thousand Miles…)