Top 5 Things I want for Christmas…

Well its time for my annual Top 5 Things I want for Christmas list, But before we get to this years list I checked out my list from last year and realized that I got only 1 of the 5 during the year :( Well maybe I am not such a ‘good kid’ afterall (or maybe I was too greedy :P ) Anyways this year the list is much more affordable *hints* for friends to chip in :P

5. Ipod Nano:

ipod nano

Carried over from last year’s list this baby is still in my to-get asap list. I guess the only thing holding me back is a MP3 player which I own already but its not even close to a nano :P

4. Camera Tripod:


This is my most wanted addon to my digicam. There are a lot of experiments which are pending thanks to me procrastinating about getting this :(

3. Telescope:


I guess every kid wanted this while growing up. The kid in me still is crazy about this :P

2. Renault Cap:

renault cap

I have been desperately searching for the Mild Seven Renault F1 team cap for almost 2 years now. I was so desperate once that I even considered walking up to a stranger who was wearing one and offering to buy it off his head. Anyway considering changes in the team what I really want is a collector’s item now, it is the “2005 edition No. 5 Fernando Alonso Mild Seven Renault F1 Cap” (I know its a mouth full) I wont mind the Heikki Kovalainen Cap too he will be my 2nd favorite driver in 2007

1. MoleSkin Journal

letjournal journal

I just need to get this :P I think its so cool to have a proper journal that looks and feels important :) I wont be waiting long for this plan to buy it before the new year(if I dont get it as a gift ie)