Chaiyya Chaiyya Lyrics Meaning & Translation

Dil Se

Chaiyya Chaiyya has to be the most popular hindi film song of the late 90s and early 2000s. At its prime, young kids knew every line and rhythm of the song. I too was overtaken in the craze and this remained a personal favorite for a long time. What was surprising was that a very small section of the fans of the song really understood what the song meant. Below is Chaiyya Chaiyya lyrics meaning in english.

When I first truly understood the meaning of the complex imagery in this song, I fell in love with Urdu. It took me even longer to understand the “Urdu meaning” of the song, but when I did I was hooked.

As used poetically in this song (Voh jiski zubaan urdu ki tarah), there is an essence to the Hindustani verses that always gets lost in the translation to english. Its hard to explain but it is like trying to describe to someone how the most delicious dessert you every ate, tasted…

So here is my attempted translation of Chaiyya Chaiyya. Hope it makes it even more special for you.

Chaiyya Chaiyya Lyrics Meaning:

Song: Chaiyya Chaiyya
Film: Dil Se(1998)
Lyricist: Gulzar
Music: AR. Rehman
Vocals: Sukhwinder Singh and Sapna Awasthi

Jinke sar ho ishq ki chaaon
Paaon ke neeche jaanat hogi
Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya

{adinserter 2}
Those who walk in the shade of love
Must have Paradise under their feet
Keep walking in the shade of love

Sar ishq ki chhaaon chal chaiyya chaiyya
Pau janat chale chal chaiyya chaiyya
(Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya) x4

In the shade of love, keep walking
Paradise under their feet, keep walking
Keep walking in the shade of love

Voh yaar hai jo khushboo ki tarah
Voh jiski zubaan urdu ki tarah
Meri shaam raat, meri kaayanat
Voh yaar mera sainya sainya

The companion who walks along like fragrance
Who whispers in a melodious tongue(Urdu)
Is my evening, night, my universe
My beloved, my love

Gulposh kabhi itraaye kahin
Mehke to nazar aa jaaye kahin
Taaveez banaake pehnoon usay
Aayat ki tarah mil jaaye kahin

(who) conceals herself in the flowers
And is revealed in the fragrance
Made into a charm, I would wear hear
If I ever find her like a miracle

Voh yaar hai jo imaam ki tarah
Mera nagma vohi mera qalma vohi
Mera nagma nagma mera qalma qalma

My companion, who is like a priest to me
She is my song, my declaration of faith
My song, my declaration of faith

Woh yaar misaale ous chale
Paaon ke tale firdous chale
Kabhi daal daal, kabhi paat paat
Main hawa pe dhoondhoon uske nishaan

My companion, who moves like the dew drops
With paradise under the feet
Sometimes on the branches, sometimes on the leaves
I search for her trail in the breeze

Main uske roop ka shehdaai
Vo dhoop chhanv se harjaai
Vo shokh hai rang badalta hai
Main rangroop ka saudaai

I am a lover of all her forms
Who flirts with light and shadow
She is mischievous, and changes colour
And I am a seeker of the colours and forms

Chal chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya chaiyya

Keep walking in the shade of love

  • abbeyo

    Thank you very much for the translation !

  • Aftab

    First of all, good work on the translation. I saw a few errors, but great translation nonetheless. One I do want to bring attention to is:

    Taaveez banaake pehnoon usay
    Aayat ki tarah mil jaaye kahin

    This has a more deeper meaning here than you present with your blog post. In the Muslim society of India, a taaveez is a charm made out of a verse from the Quran aimed towards protecting the wearer from the so called evil eye. Aayat is somewhat mistranslated in your interpretation as miracle. An aayat is a verse from the Quran, also known as a miracle from God according to Muslim faith. The whole verse is more along the lines of

    “I will make her into a charm and wear her to protect me,
    If I find her like a verse(miracle) somewhere”

    Although you did an excellent job to present the whole song, meaning is greatly lost in translation!!! :)))

    • Sabina Sabina

      It is not her. It is him because this is Sufi music and the song is about God

  • Cheena

    Thank you <3

  • thank you very much for your post! i fell in love with this song :)

  • This song is truly awesome.

  • Star

    What was the name of the movie this song was referring to. I would be very interested in watching it?

    • UniverseMan

      Dil Se.

    • Sabina Sabina

      Dil se. Just want to let everyone know that this song is about God not a woman.

    • Joel Troyer

      Also from “The Inside Man”

  • Gurpreet singh

    Thanks for sharing the lyrics and its meaning of this most popular Hindi film song “Chaiyya Chaiyya”, I also like “Dil Se” song from this movie. One can also view Khushboo Song Lyrics. It is also an awesome Punjabi song by Sonu Kakkar.

  • Sabina Sabina

    Thanks for the translation, just one big mistake. It is not her. It is him because this is Sufi music and the song is about God as a love of writer’s life

    • Sai Krishna Vajjala (Krishna)

      It is only beautiful to those who look for a God rather than the lover that they can see in front. It is more beautiful to me with a lover context than the God context. It diminishes the value of the song with God. Only religious people want to put God everywhere for no reason. I dont see anything in wiki article about what you are saying


        That’s right Sai. We’ll look it with the context we like